Feb 16 2013

A fruitful Year

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There has been a big gulf of silence from me in recent months. After a long delay, my lovely web designers Elinur and Huda have upgraded my long neglected hodgepodge of a blogsite. Thanks Dynamic Duo. I don’t claim to be a technical person and this website stuff is super foreign to me. I feel

Nov 22 2012

Pinch Pot Workshop with Handmade Movement SG

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Two weeks ago, I led a ceramic workshop at Viridian House with the helpful organization of Handmade Movement SG. I’m happy to report that they all turned out really well. Have a look. So, if any of these works are yours, please get in touch with me to arrange a collection place and time. Clay

Oct 4 2012

Let’s Make Snowflakes!

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Introducing a new winter workshop! LET’S MAKE SNOWFLAKES! By the end of this 90 minute workshop you will have made 1-2 unique ceramic snowflake ornaments that measure about 10cm in diameter. The number of snowflakes you make depends on how detailed your snowflake is and how fast you are able to work. Your snowflake will

Sep 4 2012

What’s Happening?

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I was going to spend too much time designing a mail chimp newsletter campaign this morning, but must admit that my energy is low and frankly I don’t think people ‘really care.’ It’s just one more piece of e-mail they don’t have time to open or read. I am not a marketing or sales person

Aug 12 2012


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  My dear mother is always sending me forwards with inspirational pictures or political satire messages. This one photo struck me. I don’t know who shot it or where it was taken, but I think it is a great representation of the entrepreneurial spirit. It’s saying, ‘stick your neck out’ or take a chance and