About Tiramisuzi





Who is behind Tiramisuzi
This is the blog and eventually will be the fully updated portfolio website of designer/maker Sooz (also known as Susan Stack.) She has slowly explored her way around the globe from Baltimore to Brooklyn, NY to London, UK to Singapore to Wellington, NZ and back again. http://about.me/tiramisuzi
What is with the name?
Tiramisuzi is a brand name derived from the famous Italian dessert tiramisu. “Tira mi su” literally means ‘Pick Me Up’ in Italian. So the Zi on the end just personalizes the spirit of both the phrase and the dessert with a cheeky reference to it’s creator.
About the art
Sooz loves to create amusing limited edition pieces as well as surprise mystery packs. Most of her work is narrative driven and usually incorporates text with imagery. She also loves to experiment in different mediums and styles. With her Tiramisuzi label, she hopes that her limited editions will raise an eyebrow or bring a smirk to those who have a look. Some of her inspirations include animals, food, nature, travel and all things foreign and amusing.
About the workshops
If you happen to live in the mid-atlantic region, get in touch with Sooz about her art workshops. She teaches small classes for bachelorette or birthday parties and corporate team-building in many locations. If there’s something that you would like to learn that you don’t see on this website, let Sooz know and she will see about setting something up.