My Manifesto


I believe the beauty is in the details.

I believe in the imperfect.

I believe in quality, not quantity.

I believe handmade tchotchkes have soul.

I believe in every colour of the rainbow.

I believe authenticity and originality go hand in hand.

I believe that good design / art doesn’t match your furniture.

I believe in sustainable art and design that does not exploit the people who make it.

I believe it’s a crime to make soulless crap and ship it across the world.

I believe that we need to recognize that humans are not separate from the animal kingdom.

I believe animals can make the world a better place and should be treated with respect.

I believe people should fairly pay artists and designers for the value of their work.

I believe artists and designers should not exploit their talents by devaluing the cost of their work.

I believe being famous does not give you the right to have free handouts from burgeoning designers.

I believe in the importance of play and imagination.

I believe that all of us should be learning new things.

I believe in experimenting and trying new things.

I believe that playing music, singing and dancing are necessary daily activities.

I believe collaboration is a wonderful thing.

I believe the world needs to have more picnics. Go climb a tree!

I believe in the power of laughter and the importance of humour.

I believe my art and designs have stories to tell.

I believe computers are useful tools, but hands on design is much more rewarding.

I believe it’s important to connect with the world around you – offline as well as online.

I believe in selling unique art that amuses, connects and sometimes educates.

I believe that each and every person who buys from me should be treated exceptionally well.

I believe that my limited edition designs will make your home a joyful place.